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ADONZ 2019 Annual Wage Survey

ADONZ invites all students and employed DOs to take part in the annual 2019 wage survey.

Please choose the correct survey to complete.  All surveys are anonymous and results will be published later in the year once the responses have been collated.  Only complete the surveys if you are either and employed registered DO (please don’t complete if you own your own practice), or if you are a student enrolled in a recognised optical dispensing course.




ADONZ 2019 Annual Conference

ADONZ 2019 Annual Conference

Friday 1 to Sunday 3 November 2019

Napier Conference Centre

Registrations are now open!  Please use this link to register:

The conference site has all conference information including information about the schedule, venue, speakers, supporters, and how to register.

For an outline of the sessions being presented this year, click here.


Use of Dispensing Optician Title

Use of the “Dispensing Optician” title is protected and only registered practitioners are allowed to use this. If you are not registered, or if you are still studying to become a DO you are not allowed to use this title.

You may not be aware that the term “optical dispenser” should also not be used by persons that are unregistered. Section 7 of the HPCA Act 2003 states: “A person may only use names, words, titles, initials, abbreviations or descriptions stating or implying that the person is a health practitioner of a particular kind if the person is registered, and is qualified to be registered, as a health practitioner of that kind”.

The Ministry of Health’s view is that the title “optical dispenser” is so similar to the title “Dispensing Optician” that there is a real risk of consumers being misled. The Ministry’s approach in enforcing the Act is to first seek compliance. In cases where the persons are unwilling to comply with the Act, the Ministry will seek to prosecute. Prosecutions under Section 7 carry with them a fine of up to $10,000. Please make sure that you and the people you work with comply with the Act.

STUDENTS – ADONZ recommends that all enrolled optical dispensing students use the title Student Dispensing Optician or Trainee Dispensing Optician.  Other titles are confusing for the public and may not accurately convey your status.

CPD for Dispensing Opticians

Please contact the ODOB or go to their website if you have any queries about CPD.  Email: or

The CPD News is no longer posted here.  Members should log in and check your messages for access to the updated newsletter.

Registered Dispensing Opticians have until 30 November 2019 to gain the requirement of 20 points for the 2018-2019 CPD cycle.

ACOD Optical Dispensing Course Enrolments

For all enrolments please use the link to ACOD in the student section of this website (Resources/students tab).  Information about the course is available there.

Enrol for 2020 here

IOA summit 2019

The International Opticians Association is looking forward to welcoming members and supporters to Thailand in 2020 for its biennial summit. Join us for a week of education and informative debate about the world of optics. Combine visits to key optical facilities in Thailand with enjoyable days out, fantastic meals and the chance to go to SILMO Bangkok.
Save the date: the Summit runs from 7-13 June 2020
Bookings open soon
Payment plans available

Find out more about the summit here