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CPD Courses

We have a variety of courses available for you to explore. To proceed to the next step and access additional information about purchasing a course, simply click on the designated link. If you are already a member, we are pleased to offer many of these courses to you for free. To access them as a member, please log in.
  • Please note that each course is only available to you once.  If you start a course, you should complete it in one sitting (if you close out of it, you will not have access to it again).
  • Certificates are not automated.  You will receive your Attendance Certificate for CPD the next working day after submission.

51318 Stressed about workplace stress

CPD credit available:  1 Ethical

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This webinar is a structured introduction to what stress is and how to manage it from a health and safety perspective.  This will include a discussion around current case law, how to manage your own stress and support your team in a dispensing optician environment.

51020 The Handover

CPD credit available:  1 Ethical

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In cellular communications, the term handover or handoff refers to the process of transferring an ongoing call or data session from one channel to another. You are involved in a “handover” any time the patient moves from task to task in your practice, just like a cell connection, you handover the patient to your colleagues throughout their visit.

51185 Understanding the generational differences and how to best meet them

CPD credit available:  1 Cultural

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For many of us, our ideal audience are people over the age of forty-five, a mix of the Silent Generation, Boomers, and some Generation X. With changes in technology and society, even the ways and needs of these audiences have shifted. Along with that we have the needs, expectations, and desires of the upcoming generations to consider from Millenials, Gen Zs and Generation Alpha who have specific traits for us to be aware of in terms of how they want to communicate online, in marketing, instore and in interpersonal contact. This workshop walks you through the key traits you need to take into account how you can make your practice more welcoming to a range of generational needs, and how your practice may need to adjust as new generations come through.

50542 Going green: sustainability in the optical sector

CPD credit available:  0.5 Cultural / 0.5 General

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This lecture will consider social, ethical and environmental topics which impact on optical practice and offer insight into processes and practices to reduce waste and make each and every optical practice more sustainable and reduce their ‘carbon footprint’.
It will consider topics such as carbon footprint, greenwashing, writing a sustainability policy document for your practice and action on waste.
Key learning outcomes of this lecture are:
– Understands the key issues affecting optical practice and offers insight into more sustainable practices
– Understands key terms used and can differentiate between them
– Understands the importance of improving practices within the work environment and the corporate responsibility of the optical practice.

THIS COURSE HAS NOW EXPIRED 50604 Understanding your client and the psychology of dispensing

CPD credit available:  1 General

When dispensing a prescription there are many factors a dispensing optician must consider. These include the physical properties of the lenses and how they will relate to the person. The dispensing optician needs to be aware of how this person will be able to wear the optical appliance or if there are physical disabilities that may prevent that. It is also possible that the client could have unseen underlying conditions such as mental health issues which could affect not only how the person will be able to wear the optical device but also which optical device will be better to use.

THIS COURSE HAS NOW EXPIRED 50519 Are you using it or losing it?

CPD credit available:  1 General

A brief look at the retention rates of skills and understanding of our dispensing opticians.

The Dispensing Optician completed their qualification in the past – sometimes less than a year ago, sometimes more than 30 years ago. CPD (continuing professional development), in its various forms, is invaluable for keeping the qualified work force up to speed with industry, clinical and product developments. But there is a growing suspicion amongst some in the industry (including our lab managers) that some of our dispensing opticians have either forgotten some of their basic, fundamental training, or are failing to use it in their everyday practice. In this presentation James will consider the importance of the long-term retention and application of the original training for dispensing opticians, and will include some everyday workplace examples that the listener can self-check against.

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